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How Effective Massages help with Weight Loss 

It sounds unbelievable, but massages can help you lose weight and reduce cellulite. Studies show that combining a balanced diet and exercise with massage therapy is an effective weight loss strategy. They are massaging aids faster and long-term weight loss. Read on to learn how massages help reduce weight and the three proven massages for weight loss. Belly fat is a point of concern for many. Thankfully, a study shows that massaging the abdominal area with aromatic oils five days a week helps reduce abdominal fat tissue and waist circumference. In addition, a full body massage helps increase blood circulation, and helps to get rid of the toxic waste in your body and improves metabolism. 

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss 

Lymphatic massage helps in lymphatic drainage, i.e., flushing out extra fluid from the waist, wrist, ankles, and legs. As a result, it reduces puffiness and bloating. 

A study found that lymphatic drainage massage or manual massage could help reduce thigh and belly fat. People who play sports use this massage often to heal injuries. For lymphatic massage to be effective for weight loss, you must eliminate unhealthy food from your diet. Then, get a licensed lymphatic massage therapist to get the massage done regularly. 

Aromatherapy Massage for Weight Loss 

An aromatherapy massage is a particular type of weight loss massage that cuts down the desire to binge eat. It also helps reduce stress. Special aromatic oils made from the extracts of flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, and seeds are used to massage the problem areas or the whole body. For example, one hour of aromatherapy massage with grapefruit oil, cypress oil, and other oils for six weeks could help reduce abdominal fat and waist circumference. 

People who use this massage have often said that they sleep better and have reduced muscle pain. Aromatherapy massage also helps reduce stress and depression. This can reduce the desire to binge eat or eat nothing at all (which leads to slow metabolism and weight gain. 

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